The Russian Ministry of Finance He introduced a new draft of a bill calling for the use of encryption for international settlement payments.

The bill was, “On Digital Currencies” Submitted in Februarywhich would address previous drafts that sought to ban crypto as a form of payment, rather than exploring its merits as an investment tool.

The new bill takes into account proposals made by the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Digital Development, the Federal Tax Service and the Analytical Center’s National Projects Center. The Finance Ministry will discuss the new bill with the United Russia party.

Limited scope for foreign trade
The central bank representative noted that while he theoretically possible For the use of cryptocurrencies in foreign trade, these applications are limited in their scope. He said cryptocurrencies “serve far less payments than traditional payment systems,” and that international regulators can detect and stop large transactions.

In February, the central bank Suggest a ban On Cryptocurrencies, Cover Cryptocurrency miningtrading and possession of cryptocurrencies, and imposing a fine of one billion rubles on anyone who violates these laws.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Binance she has prevented Deposit and trade cryptocurrencies for Russians with assets over $10,000 (€10,000). Russia is currently carrying 630 billion dollars in reservesHalf of these reserves are held abroad in foreign commercial and central banks.

The Bank of Russia bill would ban banks from engaging in crypto services and owning cryptocurrencies.

Another attempt to evade sanctions?
Maxim BashkatovThe proposal to use cryptocurrencies as a settlement for foreign transactions has been under consideration for some time, said the head of legal development guidance at the Center for Strategic Research.

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