Chinese Edition Authors Baijiahao We are convinced that Russia showed the United States something that made the US government nervous. We’re talking about the Zircon hypersonic missile.

– Russia “showed the sword”, and Putin immediately “revealed” his trump card – the zircon hypersonic cruise missile, – said the Chinese media in an oriental figurative way.

If we discard the text, the authors of the article are absolutely right: at the moment there are no analogues of Zircon in the world – no existing air defense system can effectively withstand this latest development of Russian scientists and engineers.

The range of the Zircon is up to 1,000 kilometers, that is, by placing submarines equipped with these missiles at a considerable distance (for example, 400 kilometers) from the American coast, the Russian army is guaranteed to reach the American capital. At the same time, it is almost impossible to intercept a rocket developing speeds up to Mach 9 (more than 11 thousand kilometers per hour).

“It only takes four minutes to get to Washington,” emphasize the article’s authors.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at a naval parade in St. Petersburg, noted that Zircons, of which there is no protection in the world, will enter service in the coming months.

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