Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky is meeting US President Joe Biden at the White House

This is President Zelensky's first trip abroad since his country was invaded by Russia in February.

In their first moments together, Biden tells Zelensky that the United States backs "just peace" for Ukraine, telling the Ukrainian leader that his country continues to "impress the world".

Zelensky responds, telling Biden of the "appreciation from my heart" he feels for the US. He thanks Biden specifically for his "big support" for his country.

The discussion between the two presidents continues.

Zelensky says it's a "great honour" to be in the US. The Ukrainian leader then refers to his visit to the frontline city of Bakhmut yesterday.

He says a captain there asked him to pass his military award to Joe Biden, as he's a "very brave president". As on the photo taken by Reuters.

Biden thanks Zelensky and says he wants to contact the captain to send a gift in return.

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