Probably she wants to discuss the dynamic Censori will have with her children

After Kanye West's secret wedding with Bianca Censori was announced, Kim Kardashian initially didn't know exactly how to react.

She is the rapper's most recent wife with whom he shares four children.
Together, they have:
North, 9, Saint, 7, Chicago, 5,Psalm, 3.

Both parents divide their time with the kids and did co-parenting relatively well, although Censori's introduction to the family changes things. Kim Kardashian is the mother of those children and she will naturally want to meet their potential new stepmom. A new report reveals the way in which Kim Kardashian approached Kanye for a potential meeting in person.

Why Kim asks for meeting

Kim Kardashian wants to get to know Censori, the woman who will likely spend time with her four children when they are having family time with their father.
The Sun was the one that reported that Kim Kardashian approached Kanye West's team and made the inquiry.
The tabloid spoke to a source close to the socialité, this is what they said:

"She's sent a message through her team to Kanye's team, basically saying congratulations, and given that it looks like Bianca may soon becoming a stepmom to the kids, she would like to have a sit down to get to know her in a private meeting. She already has started to vet her, which is standard for anyone that comes into contact with her children and will have access to them."

Kanye West can't say no, is that why he stays silent

Kanye West won't be able to say no to this request from Kim Kardashian due to the legal agreements they have in terms of their children's custody.

According to that insider, Kim placed many Kanye rules during their divorce process that the rapper has to follow.
If he doesn't comply, the children custody could become an even bigger legal issue for him. If West wants to keep spending time with the children, he will have to allow Kim Kardashian to personally meet Bianca Censori.

There is still no date for when this potential meeting could happen but we'll know when there is one.

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