Such a big event happened, however, no one knew anything! How is that possible? British Prime Minister Boris Johnson met with Ukrainian President Zelensky. But the crow did not notice. How did Boris actually heal the Kiev tour behind the scenes? The real thing came to light only when the curiosity was growing. It is learned that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson went to Ukraine by train.

It is learned that Boris went to Kiev by train. A video of his journey back to London after a visit to Ukraine has been released. It shows Boris traveling by train. He also recorded a video message on a moving train. There, Boris was heard to say – I’m on this great train from Poland to Kiev. I would like to thank all the staff of this great railway. When there is a catastrophe in the country, the hard mentality that you have shown to keep the rail communication normal is worthy of great praise.

Boris is said to have spoken out about providing arms to Ukraine in the ongoing war. “Together with our allies, we will create economic pressure (on Russia),” Boris said. “I have no doubt that Ukraine will once again be an independent sovereign state,” he said. That will be possible only through the courage and fearlessness of the people of Ukraine. “

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