If you live in India and do not drink tea, then you have only known India incomplete. The relation between tea and Indians is very old. Here the morning begins and the evening ends with a cup of tea. If there is any fatigue or work pressure in the office, then people take it away by drinking tea. On the other hand, if you start falling asleep while working, then a cup of tea also gives you the courage to sit till late at night and work. On every street, every nook and corner of India, you will find tea shops, handcarts, chowpatties. There are also discussions around the world on these tea cups. People share many things while drinking tea. In India, tea is considered the best option for people’s timepass. There are many varieties of tea available in India. When visiting different places of India, definitely taste the tea there. Let us tell you which teas are famous in India and which tea to drink when you know where to visit.

Assam’s red cha

From Assam, Sikkim, West Bengal to all over North-East India, you will find red cha. This is a simple black tea which is prepared without milk. A very small amount of sugar is also added to it. The color of tea is reddish brown and that is why it is named Lal Cha. Most of this tea is consumed in Assam, Arunachal, Meghalaya and Sikkim. If you ever go to Assam or North-East India, then definitely taste the red cha. There is a different fun to drinking it. The taste of this tea will be mildly bitter, but not so much that you do not get drunk. It is also very good for health. Anyway, the tea leaves of the Tea Garden of Assam are famous all over the world.

Delhi’s Mughlai Tea

India has been ruled by the Mughal rulers for a long time, so the tea consumed by them also has a different craze in our country. Mughlai tea is cooked and served in a different way, due to which its taste is quite different from the normal tea. If you want to drink Mughlai tea, then reach Mohammad Alam Mughlai Tea Stall present in the narrow streets of Jama Masjid in Delhi. Mughlai tea is being made and served here for the last 50 years. The taste of this tea is very special. Drink Mughlai tea once while visiting Delhi.

Phudina Tea of ​​Nathdwara

Nathdwara Shrinathji ki Haveli is present in Rajasthan. Whenever you go towards Shrinathji temple, you will get to see bunches of mint on the carts. The leaves of this mint are big and they are called here instead of mint. This tea is served here in axes. The pungent taste of mint present in tea opens the sleep of a person. Let us tell you that this variety of mint is found only in this area. Whenever you go to visit Nathdwara, then definitely take a test of this mint tea.

Taste Kangra Tea

The taste and aroma of Kangra tea made in the Kangra region of Himachal Pradesh is very different. It is grown exclusively in the gardens of Kangra. This is the reason why this tea leaf is called Kangra tea, which is full of medicinal properties. The color of Kangra tea is usually light red in color, which smells very good. If you ever visit Himachal, then definitely taste the Kangra tea there.

Kashmir pink tea

The color of tea made in India is usually golden or dark, but have you ever tasted pink colored tea. This tea is also known as Noon Chai, whose taste is not sweet but salty. Pink tea is mainly made and served in Kashmir, which takes a long time to prepare. Tea leaves, cardamom and ginger are used to make pink tea, which is boiled with water without milk and then a small amount of baking soda is added to it. Due to the baking soda, the taste of pink tea becomes salty rather than sweet, which is then mixed with hot milk and sugar and served in glass glasses. After this, pistachios are served over the tea, which gives warmth to the body in winter. Do drink pink tea while visiting Kashmir.

kahwa of kashmir

Your Kashmir trip will be considered incomplete without Kahwa. Made from spices and dry fruits, this tea will make both your heart and mind happy. You will find kahwa everywhere in Kashmir. There can be no better tea than this to bear the cold here. Milk is not used in Kahwa. The taste will feel like water to you, but it keeps the body healthy.

Tamil Nadu meter tea

Tamil Nadu is very famous for coffee but the meter tea here is also quite famous. Meter tea is made in the style of coffee itself. To make this tea, many ingredients are mixed in it, in which many types of spices are present. This is the reason why it is called meter tea.

Hyderabadi Irani Tea

The sumptuous Irani tea from Hyderabad is a Persian tea, which tastes completely different from other teas. Hyderabad is also famous for serving delicious Kesar Chai along with its special Irani Chai. Irani tea can make your evening colorful.