White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said there are no plans to send President Joe Biden to Ukraine, following speculation a senior U.S. official may visit the European country after other trips by world leaders this week—and one day after Biden said that he was personally ready to go.

Psaki told the hosts of the Pod Save America podcast in an episode released Friday that Biden is “ready for anything,” but the White House is not set to have Biden visit Ukraine.

Psaki pointed to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson taking an “eight-hour train through a war zone” to meet with Zelensky in a surprise trip to Kyiv last weekend, saying “that is not in the plans for the president of the U.S.”

She said America should be “relieved” Biden won’t be taking a similar trip, adding “You’re welcome, America,” and “We need him to do a lot of things.”

Psaki’s comments come a day after a reporter asked Biden if he was personally ready to travel to Kyiv, to which Biden replied: “Yeah.”

Biden also told reporters the White House was still working to make a decision whether to send a senior U.S. official to Ukraine.

“He’s ready for anything — the man likes fast cars and aviators,” Psaki said. “He’s ready to go to Ukraine — we are not sending the president to Ukraine.”

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