“It’s easy for the wallet and annoys Putin,” said Economy Minister Robert Hebeck, co – chairman of the Green Party, one of Germany’s three ruling parties.

Germany must accept a complete embargo on Russian energy under pressure from several EU countries, as it currently relies on Russia for 40% of its gas and a quarter of its oil.

Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zhelensky has criticized Germany’s slow move towards an energy embargo.

German financial institutions warn that an immediate halt to Russian imports could lead to a severe recession in Europe’s largest economy. But Zhelensky says Ukraine’s partners need to understand that this is a matter of survival for his country.

Andrei Ilarionov, former chief economic adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin. He explained If Western countries implement a “real embargo” on Russian oil and gas exports, Russian operations in Ukraine will be halted “in a month or two.”

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