He 'wanted to murder migrants' - Paris shooter reveals his motives

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 27, 2022 01:26 / Crime

The shooter who killed three people outside a Kurdish community centre in Paris confesses his motives to investigators.

Attack Kurdish Kurdistan Kurds Paris Shooting

NATO to investigate shooting incident in Kosovo

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 27, 2022 01:02 / Crime

NATO probing shooting incident in North Kosovo as tensions grow.

Crisis Investigation Kosovo Nato Shooting Usa

500 protesters including 69 children reported dead in Iran

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 26, 2022 21:16 / modified 26.12.2022 в 21:20 / Crime

Human rights activists report more than 500 protesters, including 69 children that have been killed

Death Iran Kids Protesters Protests

Deadly shooting in Paris provokes clashes with police

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 24, 2022 16:48 / modified 26.12.2022 в 14:48 / Crime

Smoke billows from a fire, as members of the Kurdish community attend a demonstration, following a shooting, in Paris.

Attack Kurdish Kurds Paris Shooting Terrorism

Paris attack: Three dead and several injured in city centre shooting

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 23, 2022 19:06 / Crime

A gunman has opened fire in central Paris, killing three people and wounding three others.

Attack Gun Kurdish Kurdistan Paris Terrorism

Anti-corruption operation at European Parliament shakes Brussels and EU

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 10, 2022 17:02 / Crime

Five people were arrested on Friday in Brussels after at least investigators made 16 searches into suspicions of "substantial" money payments by a Gulf country to influence the decisions of MEPs.

Brussels Corruption Europe European commission Europol Scandal

Iran sentences five more people to death and plans to freeze bank accounts of women without hijab

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 06, 2022 20:24 / modified 06.12.2022 в 20:49 / Crime

Iran has sentenced five more people to death and considering blocking the bank accounts of women who refuse to wear the hijab in public

Hijab Iran Politicians Protests Tehran Women

Ukraine: New wave of Russian missile attacks

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 06, 2022 00:06 / Crime

Russia has fired a barrage of missiles at targets across Ukraine for the eighth time in eight weeks.

Energy Power Russia Russia-ukraine crisis Ukraine Ukraine invasion

Balenciaga apologies and starts a lawsuit for campaign "sexualising" children

Author: Andrew Andrew / November 30, 2022 03:35 / modified 30.11.2022 в 03:39 / Crime

BDSM teddy bears went viral are part of a legal action now. Balenciaga is seeking $25 million in damages from the company behind the ad.

Balenciaga Children Fashion Scandal Social medias