EU requests two WTO panels against China: trade restrictions on Lithuania and high-tech patents

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 07, 2022 12:51 / modified 07.12.2022 в 12:53 / Economy

In both cases, the Chinese measures are highly damaging to European businesses.

China Europe European commission Lithuania Trade relations Wto

European Commission signs off on climate disclosure for 'large companies': How it affects banks

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 06, 2022 11:05 / Economy

Now everyone will need to provide reports on how transition and physical risks of climate change will impact their lending books.

Bank Climate Deal Europe European commission Green

Von der Leyen:  US green subsidies create unfair competition, the EU will respond

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 05, 2022 15:25 / Economy

The president of the EU Commission hopes for an intervention in response to the Inflation reduction act of the United States, starting with the simplification of state aid

Biden Europe European commission Inflation Ursula von der leyen Usa

G7 price cap on Russian oil kicks in along with EU embargo

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 05, 2022 14:52 / Economy

The price cap could make it difficult for Moscow to sell its oil for a higher price. But will EU embargo actually hurt Russia?

Embargo Europe Oil Price cap Russia-ukraine conflict

Is a Turkish gas hub politically acceptable for Europe?

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 03, 2022 15:20 / modified 03.12.2022 в 15:20 / Economy

Russia’s latest plan to work around Europe’s growing resistance to Russian energy is to set up a hub in Turkey that would disguise where the gas was made.

Crisis Energy Europe Gas Gas prices Russia

EU agrees on Russian oil price cap $60 despite Zelenskiy's requests

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 03, 2022 12:40 / Economy

European Union governments tentatively agreed on Thursday on a $60 a barrel price cap on Russian seaborne oil - an idea of the Group of Seven (G7) nations.

Europe Oil Prices Russia Russia-ukraine crisis

European Central Bank seems not to have any concerns in December

Author: Andrew Andrew / November 30, 2022 16:07 / Economy

Yet, one-third of citizens find the rising cost of living to be the most important issue facing the EU.

Bank Crisis Ecb Economy Europe Ukraine invasion

EU struggles to find common ground over a proposed cap on Russian natural gas prices

Author: Andrew Andrew / November 30, 2022 03:20 / modified 30.11.2022 в 03:21 / Economy

The disagreement over the price cap "could jeopardize the bloc’s energy crisis response plan"

Crisis Energy European commission Gas Lng Prices

Bitcoin drops below $36,000 amid broader market sell-off

Author: Richard Richard / May 06, 2022 23:35 / Economy

Bitcoin broke below a key support level on Friday after a major stock sell-off in the U.S. Thursday spooked the cryptocurrency market and sent bitcoin tumbling about 10%. Bitcoin fell less than 1% Friday to $35,917.98, according to Coin Metrics. Ether slid 1.1% to $2,683.64.

Cryptocurrency Economy World

Rouble jumps to near two-year high

Author: Richard Richard / May 06, 2022 23:31 / Economy

The Russian rouble jumped Wednesday to around a two-year high against both the dollar and the euro, Reuters reported.

Economy Russia Russian ruble

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