Halted shipments of Russian oil resume to Slovakia

Author: Nicolas Nicolas / August 10, 2022 23:23 / Europe

Slovakia's economy minister says oil shipments from Russia through a critical pipeline to several European countries have resumed after a problem over transit payments was resolved

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Kosovo delays new rules amid growing Serbia tensions

Author: Nicolas Nicolas / August 01, 2022 12:40 / Europe

NATO-led peacekeeping mission says it is prepared to intervene if stability is jeopardized. Kosovo will delay the implementation of new rules after tensions with Serbia rose over the weekend, prompting the NATO-led mission in the Balkan country to pledge it was “prepared to intervene if stability is jeopardized.”

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Kosovo to require temporary IDs for Serbs from 1 August

Author: Nicolas Nicolas / August 01, 2022 12:37 / Europe

As of Monday (1 August), Serbian citizens travelling to Kosovo will be required to replace their passport with a temporary ID for the duration of their visit in a reciprocal move announced by Prime Minister Abin Kurti.

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Finland and Sweden: NATO will grow, and the sooner the better

Author: Nicolas Nicolas / May 28, 2022 01:20 / Europe

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has transformed the geopolitical landscape of the transatlantic region, perhaps the greatest example being Finland and Sweden’s newfound enthusiasm for joining NATO. After a couple of centuries of military neutrality, or at least military nonalignment, both countries have submitted their applications to join the Western military alliance.

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Finland builds underground city in case of Russian backlash to NATO bid

Author: Nicolas Nicolas / May 19, 2022 14:21 / Europe

Finland has been building bunkers since the 1960s as a defence system against Russia. Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, European countries have been bolstering their defence systems in anticipation of further aggression from Russian president Vladimir Putin. It seems as though Finland had the foresight, even during friendlier times, to prepare for any attack from its eastern neighbour.

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European Central Bank member pushes for quick action to raise interest rates

Author: Richard Richard / May 07, 2022 00:05 / Europe

The European Central Bank It must move quickly to raise interest rates in order to tackle rising inflation, according to the head of Finland’s central bank. His comments come as the US Federal Reserve and the Bank of England tightening cycle intensify pressure on the European Central Bank to follow suit.

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Sweden and Finland will simultaneously apply for NATO membership

Author: Richard Richard / April 26, 2022 13:49 / Europe

The prime ministers of the two countries discussed the issue on Monday, arguing that Russia’s occupation of Ukraine had changed “Europe’s entire security landscape” and “dramatically shaped the mood in the northern region.” Defender.

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Scientists say last summer was the hottest summer on record in Europe

Author: Richard Richard / April 22, 2022 19:29 / Europe

Europe Saw Warmest Summer On Record In 2021

Climate Europe

Queen Elizabeth news – Monarch raises health concerns

Author: Richard Richard / April 20, 2022 18:02 / Europe

Monarch raises health concerns as two more golf carts are delivered to Windsor Castle

England Queen

Prince Harry’s ghost meeting with Charles lasted 15 minutes

Author: Richard Richard / April 16, 2022 21:23 / Europe

Ghost encounter between Prince Harry and Prince Charles A report said Windsor Castle lasted only 15 minutes on Thursday morning and came at the insistence of the Queen.


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