Maria Sharapova shares new photos with her son Theo celebrating first Christmas

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 27, 2022 00:10 / Modified 27.12.2022 в 00:14 / Entertainment

Sharapova criticises Santa Alexander on his diaper duties as its their first Christmas as family of three.

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How To Handle Your Kids’ Christmas Presents Opening Chaos

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 25, 2022 06:45 / Modified 26.12.2022 в 14:43 / Entertainment

Your ‘very last minute’ tips on how to turn opening Christmas Presents with your Children in peaceful and pleasant experience.

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Boozy Santas block road with their tank. Yep, their tank

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 25, 2022 03:03 / Modified 26.12.2022 в 14:44 / Entertainment

A group of “bad Santas” got stuck while driving a tank through the tiny streets of Angarrack in Cornwall and were told off by villagers for blocking off their Christmas lights.

Christmas Festivities Holidays Santa Tank

Policing Christmas: dozen of thousands agents deployed

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 25, 2022 02:40 / Europe

Europe securing festivities by scaling up law enforcements presence

Christmas Europe Europol Market Police Policy

12 ways to save money on your Christmas groceries

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 21, 2022 19:35 / Economy

How to cut the cost of your festive food shop and avoid excess waste this year

Christmas Crisis Grocery Holidays Market Savings

Six of the Best Christmas Markets in Europe to visit this winter

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 18, 2022 11:19 / Entertainment

You can visit all of them in less then 6 days. Be aware of mulled wine!

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