Is it on? - Bitcoin complete recover after FTX collapse

Author: Andrew Andrew / January 18, 2023 03:30 / Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin has held firm at over $21,000 for the last two days, well above its Nov. 2 price of $20,283.

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Crypto scam. How they operate and how to protect your money

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 26, 2022 23:53 / Modified 27.12.2022 в 00:16 / Cryptocurrency

Real story on how to trade and to lose $450,000 on a scam. Some actual advises to disarm scammers.

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$23 mln for a pixel image: The most expensive NFT has been sold

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 25, 2022 00:49 / Modified 26.12.2022 в 14:47 / Cryptocurrency

CryptoPunks 5822 (blue alien in bandana) is the Most Expensive NFT Ever Sold

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Bets against bitcoin miners after FTX collapse. What is going to happen with crypto now?

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 16, 2022 14:26 / Modified 16.12.2022 в 14:41 / Cryptocurrency

Sharp falls in the token’s price and the rising cost of energy prompt managers to short several key players after FTX collapse and Sam Bankman-Fried arrest, - FT

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Sam Bankman-Fried: 'Crypto genius' who lost $14.5 billion in a single day

Author: Nicolas Nicolas / November 11, 2022 20:51 / Cryptocurrency

Bankman-Fried vanished from the Bloomberg Billionaires Index after his net worth just vaporised, falling 94% in a single day

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Russian Finance Ministry invites Crypto for international settlements

Author: Richard Richard / May 31, 2022 22:57 / Modified 01.06.2022 в 10:17 / Cryptocurrency

The Russian Ministry of Finance He introduced a new draft of a bill calling for the use of encryption for international settlement payments.

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We figure out what happened cryptocurrency Terra LUNA. Is Terra LUNA a Ponzi Scheme?

Author: Nicolas Nicolas / May 19, 2022 15:53 / Cryptocurrency

Terra LUNA has been considered one of the best crypto investments for a long time due to its spectacular performance over the last two years. However, all of this changed when the black swan event took place last week.

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New integration allows Telegram users to trade and send Bitcoin and Toncoin

Author: Richard Richard / May 02, 2022 22:07 / Tech

Telegram’s 550 million users now have an easy way to use a pair of crypto assets. The Ton Foundation says it has created a new way for users to send and receive Toncoin (TON) directly from their chat windows. They can also interact with the organization wallet bot To buy, trade and send Bitcoin (BTC).

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Estonia clamped down on crypto

Author: Richard Richard / April 15, 2022 20:21 / Cryptocurrency

Now its Baltic neighbors are following suit to protect their economies from dirty money.

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Crypto bosses say the ‘tide is turning’ on regulation

Author: Richard Richard / April 15, 2022 18:43 / Cryptocurrency

Changpeng Zhao, founder and CEO of Binance, speaks at the Blockchain Week Summit in Paris, France, on April 13, 2022.

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