European Central Bank seems not to have any concerns in December

Author: Andrew Andrew / November 30, 2022 16:07 / Economy

Yet, one-third of citizens find the rising cost of living to be the most important issue facing the EU.

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A challenging year for Europeans - The President of the European Central Bank

Author: Andrew Andrew / November 30, 2022 15:42 / Politics

Speech by Christine Lagarde, President of the ECB, at the Hearing of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs of the European Parliament

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Nigeria should copy Taiwan model to develop non oil economy – Ambassador

Author: Nicolas Nicolas / November 12, 2022 13:18 / World

Mr Andy Yih-Ping Liu, Representative of Taipei Trade Office in Nigeria, on Friday said that Taiwan is probably one of the best role models for Nigeria to develop its non-oil economy.

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USA Gas Prices Today, November 12, 2022: View cheapest Gas Stations Today

Author: Nicolas Nicolas / November 12, 2022 13:03 / World

Gas prices across the United States and the wider global community had soared in recent months but things are starting to change, with the cost of fuel dropping in many states now.

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Will Joe Biden be impeached? - The Spectator

Author: Nicolas Nicolas / May 28, 2022 01:01 / World

Before inflation began to eat the American economy alive, impeachflation had already undermined the office of the presidency. Donald Trump was only the third president to have been impeached. Yet he was impeached twice: in December 2019, for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress; and in January 2021, for ‘incitement to insurrection’ following the riots on Capitol Hill on 6 January.

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Yellen: It is not legal for the United States to seize official Russian assets

Author: Richard Richard / May 20, 2022 20:31 / Politics

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said on Wednesday that the United States had no legal authority to seize Russian Central Bank assets frozen over its invasion of Ukraine, but was in talks with U.S. partners about ways to make Russia. Pay the bill for post-war reconstruction in Ukraine began.

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European Central Bank member pushes for quick action to raise interest rates

Author: Richard Richard / May 07, 2022 00:05 / Europe

The European Central Bank It must move quickly to raise interest rates in order to tackle rising inflation, according to the head of Finland’s central bank. His comments come as the US Federal Reserve and the Bank of England tightening cycle intensify pressure on the European Central Bank to follow suit.

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A Chinese man with the nickname “Ma” was arrested. The news wiped out $26 billion of Alibaba stock

Author: Richard Richard / May 06, 2022 23:57 / Business

Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant that Ma co-founded, saw its Hong Kong-listed shares drop as much as 9.4% on Tuesday after Chinese state media reported that an individual named “Ma” in Hangzhou – where Alibaba is headquartered – They were arrested on national security grounds.

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Bitcoin drops below $36,000 amid broader market sell-off

Author: Richard Richard / May 06, 2022 23:35 / Economy

Bitcoin broke below a key support level on Friday after a major stock sell-off in the U.S. Thursday spooked the cryptocurrency market and sent bitcoin tumbling about 10%. Bitcoin fell less than 1% Friday to $35,917.98, according to Coin Metrics. Ether slid 1.1% to $2,683.64.

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Rouble jumps to near two-year high

Author: Richard Richard / May 06, 2022 23:31 / Economy

The Russian rouble jumped Wednesday to around a two-year high against both the dollar and the euro, Reuters reported.

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