Ron DeSantis leads Donald Trump by 23 points in Republican poll

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 14, 2022 12:49 / Politics

Florida governor takes enormous lead over embattled ex-president for 2024 race as Mike Pence nears a run of his own

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An 18-year-old college student becomes the youngest major in the US

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 09, 2022 00:49 / Politics

An 18-year-old college student in the state of Arkansas has reportedly become the youngest black mayor to be elected in the US

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Lawmakers react to Trump's call to suspend Constitution

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 05, 2022 23:31 / Politics

Reactions from both camps and political experts

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Trump: Constitution is to be terminated due to the last elections "massive" fraud

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 05, 2022 15:54 / Politics

The White House condemned Trump's words: “The American Constitution is a sacrosanct document that for over 200 years has guaranteed that freedom and the rule of law prevail in our great country

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Lauren Boebert mercilessly mocked over ‘red wave’ claim as election goes down to the wire

Author: Nicolas Nicolas / November 11, 2022 20:43 / World

Ultra-conservative Republican Lauren Boebert’s Twitter has been silent since US election results began rolling in – but plenty of people have spoken up to fill the absence.

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US midterm elections: Sharp attacks on Trump from news outlets

Author: Nicolas Nicolas / November 11, 2022 20:30 / World

Former President Donald Trump has taken some hits in the aftermath of the midterm elections, but the unkindest cuts may have come from a source that was once among his biggest backers — the media empire of magnate Rupert Murdoch.

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Why Does US Ballot Counting Take So Long?

Author: Nicolas Nicolas / November 11, 2022 13:16 / Politics

The balance of power in the U.S. Congress following Tuesday's midterm elections is still up in the air, with several key races yet to be called some 48 hours after many polls closed.

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Boost for Macron as he opens up 8-point lead over Le Pen

Author: Nicolas Nicolas / April 15, 2022 17:52 / Politics

Latest figures suggest incumbent president Emmanuel Macron has moved slightly ahead of his rival in second round voting intention With the race to win the French presidency reaching its final stage, the two second round candidates – Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen – are competing for every vote in what is expected to be a tight and tough contest.

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Eurosceptic Viktor Orban triumphs in Hungarian election after celebrating 'huge victory'

Author: Nicolas Nicolas / April 04, 2022 23:21 / Europe

VIKTOR ORBAN has emerged victorious in yesterday's election to the Hungarian parliament after the populist Prime Minister's right-wing Fidesz party extended their lead over the opposition coalition.

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