Europe bans Russian diesel and deals new price cap

Author: Andrew Andrew / February 04, 2023 03:10 / Economy

Price spike to come (obviously) but does it get Moscow

Diesel Fuel Price cap Russia Russia-ukraine crisis

EU approves a new tax on heating and transport

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 21, 2022 14:20 / Economy

EU legislators agreed to introduce a carbon price on buildings and road transport fuels

Carbon Europe European commission Fuel Heating Tax

Fuel prices reach new record! And cost to charge an electric car rises by a fifth in UK

Author: Nicolas Nicolas / May 28, 2022 01:46 / Business

Fuel prices reach new record highs - with petrol at 171.1p a litre and diesel at 181.6p, data shows Filling up a typical 55-litre fuel tank with diesel now costs about £100, while for petrol it is about £94.

Car Fuel Prices