Putin calls US troops in Germany 'occupation forces': ready to liberate?

Author: Andrew Andrew / January 26, 2023 04:33 / Politics

US never cancelled occupation status of its presence in Germany, - Russian Presidents says

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Germany Arrests 25 Suspected of Planning to Overthrow Government

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 08, 2022 04:55 / Europe

Among those detained were a German prince, a former far-right member of Parliament, an active soldier and former members of the police and elite special forces.

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How European countries regulate citizenship

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 05, 2022 00:35 / Europe

Germany is debating planned reforms concerning dual citizenship in the country. Citizenship laws vary widely across Europe.

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Germany willing to relax citizenship acquirement rules

Author: Andrew Andrew / November 29, 2022 18:38 / Europe

The government reportedly wants to speed up the naturalization process to make it easier for migrants to become German citizens. Easier dual citizenship is also on the cards.

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Germany’s “solution” to reduce Russia’s dependence on gas. It’s easy on the wallet and annoys Putin

Author: Richard Richard / April 16, 2022 20:09 / Europe

The Germans are being urged to adjust the thermostat at the plant to a lesser extent and to use the Easter train or bicycle to reduce their dependence on Russian gas and oil.

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Germany’s energy woes are a fiasco of its own making

Author: Nicolas Nicolas / April 15, 2022 17:39 / Europe

MUNICH – Germany long regarded its energy transition as cutting edge, compared to other Western industrialized countries. Policymakers expected that the country would be able to secure its energy supply entirely from renewable sources, so they resolved to phase out coal and nuclear energy simultaneously. The last three of Germany’s 17 nuclear power plants are set to be shut down this year.

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Volkswagen sees impact of Ukraine war despite profit bounce

Author: Nicolas Nicolas / April 14, 2022 19:31 / Business

German auto giant Volkswagen said Thursday its first quarter operating profit increased significantly in 2022, while warning that the “first effects” of the war in Ukraine were beginning to be felt.

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Genocide: legal term source of political controversy

Author: Nicolas Nicolas / April 14, 2022 19:24 / World

The reluctance of some European states to call out Russian atrocities in Ukraine as “genocide” has sparked tensions with Kyiv, but use of the precise legal term to describe the greatest of all crimes has long been a source of political contention.

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Zelenskiy rejects request by German president for meeting in Kyiv, Bild reports

Author: Richard Richard / April 12, 2022 21:04 / Ukraine

Volodymyr Zelenskiy rejects request by Frank-Walter Steinmeier for meeting in Kyiv, Bild reports

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German parliament rejects government bid for mandatory Covid vaccines

Author: Richard Richard / April 08, 2022 20:48 / Europe

Germany's parliament on Thursday rejected a government-backed proposal for mandatory Covid vaccines for people above 60, in a stinging defeat for Chancellor Olaf Scholz's coalition.

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