NATO to investigate shooting incident in Kosovo

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 27, 2022 01:02 / Crime

NATO probing shooting incident in North Kosovo as tensions grow.

Crisis Investigation Kosovo Nato Shooting Usa

Germany Arrests 25 Suspected of Planning to Overthrow Government

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 08, 2022 04:55 / Europe

Among those detained were a German prince, a former far-right member of Parliament, an active soldier and former members of the police and elite special forces.

Arrest Germany Government Investigation Overthrow Riots

Narcos Busted: a Cartel allegedly responsible for a third of Europe's cocaine has been taken down

Author: Andrew Andrew / November 29, 2022 18:29 / Europe

Multinational law enforcement cooperation took down a "super cartel" controlling one-third of the cocaine trade in Europe - EUROPOL

Cartel Crimes Europe Europol Investigation