Musk to bring another 10 000+ Starlinks to Ukraine

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 27, 2022 12:30 / Modified 27.12.2022 в 12:31 / Tech

Ukraine deals with SpaceX to receive thousands more Starlink antennas. Reportedly several EU countries will share the costs.

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500 protesters including 69 children reported dead in Iran

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 26, 2022 21:16 / Modified 26.12.2022 в 21:20 / Crime

Human rights activists report more than 500 protesters, including 69 children that have been killed

Death Iran Kids Protesters Protests

Death sentenced protesters appeals has been accepted in Iran Supreme Court

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 24, 2022 17:29 / Modified 26.12.2022 в 14:50 / World

Iran's Supreme Court has accepted the appeals of two protesters sentenced to death due to flaws in investigating their cases, the country's judiciary said on Saturday.

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Iran sentences five more people to death and plans to freeze bank accounts of women without hijab

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 06, 2022 20:24 / Modified 06.12.2022 в 20:49 / Crime

Iran has sentenced five more people to death and considering blocking the bank accounts of women who refuse to wear the hijab in public

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