Italy won't pay to become Europe's energy hub. EU funds are expected - Meloni says

Author: Andrew Andrew / February 07, 2023 04:57 / Economy

Who is going to tip in?

Gas Italy Russia-ukraine crisis Russian gas

Italy rated as one of the most corrupt European countries

Author: Andrew Andrew / February 02, 2023 02:58 / Europe

Italy is still seen as one of the most corrupt countries in Europe according to the annual index by Transparency International.

Corruption Europe Italy

Italy to become Main European Gas Hub: What's this Algerian deal all about?

Author: Andrew Andrew / January 25, 2023 12:55 / Economy

Italy plays on historic heartstrings with Algeria to boost critical energy ties

Africa Crisis Energy Italy Natural gas

Spain imposes restrictions on arrivals from China

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 30, 2022 21:04 / Europe

Spain decides to follow up the EU-peer Italy's policy, but still it differs

China Covid Europe Italy Outbreak Spain

Italy to screen all China arrivals for Covid

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 30, 2022 00:42 / Europe

Italy orders Covid tests to all arrivals from China

China Coronavirus Covid Europe Italy Outbreak

How come 2022 was a good year for the far-right in Europe

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 22, 2022 15:00 / Modified 22.12.2022 в 15:01 / Politics

Five countries to watch as the European far-right made new gains in 2022

Europe Far right Hungary Italy Poland Sweden

Far right Italian Premier Meloni says migrants now a priority

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 07, 2022 03:01 / Modified 07.12.2022 в 03:06 / Politics

"It has never happened before, now it has", "You can count on Italy" - Giorgia Meloni

Europe European commission Italy Meloni Migrants Migration

Europe is inspired with Italian plan to host migrants in families

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 02, 2022 15:08 / Modified 02.12.2022 в 15:11 / Europe

An Italian reception model to host migrants in families was presented at the European Parliament on Wednesday. It is hoped it will inspire more cities to implement the model across Europe.

Europe Italy Migrants Migration

Joint migrant management is crucial for EU - Mattarella

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 02, 2022 14:53 / Europe

The "management of migratory flows" is "a decisive and global issue" that "it seems vain to think can be eclipsed"

Europe France Italy Mattarella Migrants Migration

The statue of liberty with Putin's face appeared in Milan this morning

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 01, 2022 18:47 / Modified 01.12.2022 в 18:50 / Europe

Provocation is signed by the artist Dicò. The statue is located in Moscova and carries a gun and a plaque with the writing in English "it always seems impossible until it is done"

Art Italy Liberty Milan Putin Statue

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