EU says testing travellers from China is not needed and unjustified

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 30, 2022 00:29 / Modified 30.12.2022 в 00:30 / World

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control said the surge was "not expected to impact" the EU...

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You really should mask up again, says infectious disease expert

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 23, 2022 18:34 / Science

The tripledemic is hitting 'too fast and too furious'

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China could see nearly a million deaths as it exits zero-Covid policy

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 22, 2022 14:03 / World

World fears a new covid wave in China

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Worst flu outbreak in more than a decade spikes hospitalizations

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 05, 2022 23:09 / Modified 06.12.2022 в 10:15 / World

Joint WHO statement - Influenza season epidemic kicks off early in Europe and US as concerns over RSV rise and COVID-19 is still a threat

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