Iran sentences five more people to death and plans to freeze bank accounts of women without hijab

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 06, 2022 20:24 / Modified 06.12.2022 в 20:49 / Crime

Iran has sentenced five more people to death and considering blocking the bank accounts of women who refuse to wear the hijab in public

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An MP was watching porn in Parliament. After that there was a massive brawl

Author: Richard Richard / May 01, 2022 13:13 / Politics

An embarrassing incident has recently taken place in the British Parliament, the House of Commons. An MP was watching porn in Parliament. A woman saw this activity of the MP. After that there was a massive brawl.

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Obituary: Russian far-right populist Vladimir Zhirinovsky dies

Author: Nicolas Nicolas / April 06, 2022 15:32 / Europe

He courted votes with Nazi slogans, and was a loyal ally of the Kremlin. The Russian right-wing populist Vladimir Zhirinovsky has died at the age of 75. Roman Goncharenko takes a look at his life.

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International leaders condemn Russian actions

Author: Nicolas Nicolas / April 04, 2022 12:37 / World

The European Union’s top diplomat has joined a growing chorus of international criticism blaming the Russian armed forces for alleged atrocities committed against civilians in Ukraine

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