Russian Finance Ministry invites Crypto for international settlements

Author: Richard Richard / May 31, 2022 22:57 / Modified 01.06.2022 в 10:17 / Cryptocurrency

The Russian Ministry of Finance He introduced a new draft of a bill calling for the use of encryption for international settlement payments.

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Yellen: It is not legal for the United States to seize official Russian assets

Author: Richard Richard / May 20, 2022 20:31 / Politics

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said on Wednesday that the United States had no legal authority to seize Russian Central Bank assets frozen over its invasion of Ukraine, but was in talks with U.S. partners about ways to make Russia. Pay the bill for post-war reconstruction in Ukraine began.

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Rouble jumps to near two-year high

Author: Richard Richard / May 06, 2022 23:31 / Economy

The Russian rouble jumped Wednesday to around a two-year high against both the dollar and the euro, Reuters reported.

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Russia: Push to pay for gas in rubles not disrupting supply

Author: Nicolas Nicolas / April 01, 2022 18:28 / Europe

Russian officials said their demand for "unfriendly" countries to pay for natural gas in rubles does not mean supplies will be immediately interrupted. Gas used for heating and electricity was still flowing from Russia to Europe on Friday.

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European gas buyers navigate Russian ruble order as supply threat eases

Author: Nicolas Nicolas / April 01, 2022 18:09 / World

Russian gas flowed into Europe while regional gas prices rose further on Friday as firms grappled with President Vladimir Putin’s threat to cut off supplies unless they paid in rubles.

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