He 'wanted to murder migrants' - Paris shooter reveals his motives

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 27, 2022 01:26 / Crime

The shooter who killed three people outside a Kurdish community centre in Paris confesses his motives to investigators.

Attack Kurdish Kurdistan Kurds Paris Shooting

NATO to investigate shooting incident in Kosovo

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 27, 2022 01:02 / Crime

NATO probing shooting incident in North Kosovo as tensions grow.

Crisis Investigation Kosovo Nato Shooting Usa

Deadly shooting in Paris provokes clashes with police

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 24, 2022 16:48 / Modified 26.12.2022 в 14:48 / Crime

Smoke billows from a fire, as members of the Kurdish community attend a demonstration, following a shooting, in Paris.

Attack Kurdish Kurds Paris Shooting Terrorism

Brooklyn shooting: 16 injured, including 10 shot, in New York subway attack

Author: Richard Richard / April 12, 2022 21:16 / World

Five people in critical but stable condition, the fire department says, as manhunt under way for shooter

Shooting Usa