Europe enterprise to launch 6G smart network

Author: Andrew Andrew / February 07, 2023 05:13 / Tech

Expertise to four European 6G smart networks projects

Europe Future Internet Tech

France fines Microsoft €60m for imposing advertising cookies

Author: Nicolas Nicolas / December 22, 2022 17:44 / Tech

France’s data privacy regulator has fined tech giant Microsoft 60 million euros – the watchdog's largest fine of 2022 – for making it easier for users of its search engine to accept advertising cookies than to refuse them, and failing to conform to EU regulations.

France Microsoft Tech Website

Leak behind Microsoft’s Surface Laptop Go via retailer

Author: Richard Richard / May 31, 2022 23:04 / Tech

It looks like Microsoft is ready to announce an updated version of the compact Surface Laptop Go, if List of early retailers From Korea thought.


Tragedy averted! NASA cancels spacewalks after water fills up astronaut’s helmet

Author: Richard Richard / May 20, 2022 21:04 / Tech

The investigation is on! NASA will continue to investigate the cause of the astronaut’s helmet incident. Know details.

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IPhone 13 mini vs Xiaomi 12 Pro: After using for a month, THIS is the better one

Author: Richard Richard / May 20, 2022 20:56 / Tech

IPhone 13 mini vs Xiaomi 12 Pro: We used them, we lived with them, now we pick our winner. Check it out.

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The end of the FIFA video game?

Author: Richard Richard / May 11, 2022 19:07 / Sport

However, these games will not offer the same kind of matching simulation that fans of the EA Sports version are familiar with. Therefore, consumers will be asked to wait until 2024, when FIFA says it will launch a competitive football simulation game.

Sport Tech

You will not get these features of Facebook after 31st May! What did the company say?

Author: Richard Richard / May 06, 2022 23:43 / Tech

Posting pictures with friends in shopping malls or posting locations with his name in famous restaurants, all these features have been gaining popularity on Facebook for many years. Whether it’s going for a walk or finding friends in a nearby location, Facebook has entertained many with all these features. Many have also benefited from this feature. However, after May 31, Facebook is going to turn off multiple location-dependent features.

Facebook Tech

New integration allows Telegram users to trade and send Bitcoin and Toncoin

Author: Richard Richard / May 02, 2022 22:07 / Tech

Telegram’s 550 million users now have an easy way to use a pair of crypto assets. The Ton Foundation says it has created a new way for users to send and receive Toncoin (TON) directly from their chat windows. They can also interact with the organization wallet bot To buy, trade and send Bitcoin (BTC).

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How to know if your iPhone or Android phone has been infected by a virus

Author: Richard Richard / May 02, 2022 22:00 / Tech

Nearly 84 percent of the world’s population owns smartphones. While the presence of phones has made life very convenient, it has also left us susceptible to cyber attacks with malware and viruses. So, here’s how to know if your Android phone or iPhone has a virus.

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Google Pixel Watch leaks after being abandoned in the restaurant

Author: Richard Richard / April 25, 2022 23:09 / Tech

Someone needs to remind Google employees to check their pockets before leaving the restaurant. New leaked photos and information subscriber With Android Central By an anonymous source showing what appears to be an early version of Google that has yet to be released pixel clock. The watch has apparently been abandoned in an American restaurant for weeks.


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