Europe responds US green subsidies with $270 billion deal

Author: Andrew Andrew / February 02, 2023 01:51 / Europe

European Union unveiled plans for its “Green Deal”

Europe European commission Green Investments Usa

Putin calls US troops in Germany 'occupation forces': ready to liberate?

Author: Andrew Andrew / January 26, 2023 04:33 / Politics

US never cancelled occupation status of its presence in Germany, - Russian Presidents says

Austria Germany Invasion Putin Russia-ukraine crisis Usa

Trump didn’t know White House schedule was public

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 29, 2022 00:30 / Politics

Trump didn't know WH schedule was public until the last weeks of his presidency

Capitol hill President Schedule Trump Usa White house

NATO to investigate shooting incident in Kosovo

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 27, 2022 01:02 / Crime

NATO probing shooting incident in North Kosovo as tensions grow.

Crisis Investigation Kosovo Nato Shooting Usa

War zone in Buffalo: New York is buried in snow (VIDEO)

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 26, 2022 23:28 / World

On Monday the city recorded 25 weather-related deaths, up from 13 on Sunday and it is half of all recorded victims.

Bomb Cold Death Snow Usa Weather

50 deaths confirmed after Bomb cyclone hits North America

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 26, 2022 17:12 / World

Many of the dead were blocked and frozen to death in their cars because of whiteout conditions.

Cold Extreme Snow Usa Weather Winter

The US Winter storm updates: 17 deaths reported, millions without power

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 25, 2022 03:47 / World

A powerful winter storm kept pummeling the United States on Christmas Eve with dangerously cold temperatures and heavy snow.

Cold Freeze Storm Usa Weather Winter

China’s Dangerous Decline

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 23, 2022 12:18 / World

Washington Must Adjust as Beijing’s Troubles Mount - FA

Biden China Crisis Usa World

Congress is About to Change the Rules For Your Retirement Savings

Author: Nicolas Nicolas / December 22, 2022 18:48 / Business

Major revisions to retirement savings rules are part of the year-end spending package currently in front of Congress.

Economy Money Usa

Will falling California gas prices affect a Big Oil penalty?

Author: Nicolas Nicolas / December 22, 2022 18:17 / Politics

Gas prices in the Golden State are plummeting and inflation may be easing, but Democratic lawmakers and other political professionals believe it will have little effect on the state’s push to take oil companies to task for allegedly price-gouging drivers at the pump.

Oil Prices Usa

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