In China, they talked about Putin’s asset, which makes the United States nervous

Author: Nicolas Nicolas / August 10, 2022 23:35 / World

Chinese Edition Authors Baijiahao We are convinced that Russia showed the United States something that made the US government nervous. We’re talking about the Zircon hypersonic missile.

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Biden signs «burn pits» help for vets; a personal win, too

Author: Nicolas Nicolas / August 10, 2022 23:02 / World

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden, whose elder son Beau died of cancer years after deploying to Iraq, signed legislation on Wednesday expanding federal health care services for millions of veterans who served at military bases where toxic smoke billowed from huge "burn pits."

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China vows to encircle Taiwan with military drills in response to Pelosi visit

Author: Nicolas Nicolas / August 03, 2022 20:30 / World

Tensions reach their most precarious point in more than quarter of a century. China and Taiwan are facing their most hazardous military escalation in more than two decades after Beijing vowed to surround the self-ruling island with live-fire drills in response to a visit by U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

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Breaking Bad statues shine light on actors in Albuquerque

Author: Nicolas Nicolas / July 31, 2022 00:09 / Entertainment

Bronze statues of mythical methamphetamine cookers Walter White and Jesse Pinkman were installed at a convention centre in Albuquerque on Friday to celebrate the Breaking Bad TV series and its entertainment legacy, winning applause in a city that played its own gritty supporting role.

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The United States announced the need to persuade Kyiv to negotiate with Moscow

Author: Nicolas Nicolas / July 30, 2022 23:48 / World

Washington needs to persuade Kyiv to end the conflict through the search for a compromise in negotiations with Moscow. Experts wrote about this on July 30 Stephen Simon and Jonathan Stevenson in The National Interest.

Announced Negotiate Russia-ukraine conflict Ukraine Ukraine invasion Usa

Will Joe Biden be impeached? - The Spectator

Author: Nicolas Nicolas / May 28, 2022 01:01 / World

Before inflation began to eat the American economy alive, impeachflation had already undermined the office of the presidency. Donald Trump was only the third president to have been impeached. Yet he was impeached twice: in December 2019, for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress; and in January 2021, for ‘incitement to insurrection’ following the riots on Capitol Hill on 6 January.

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Tragedy averted! NASA cancels spacewalks after water fills up astronaut’s helmet

Author: Richard Richard / May 20, 2022 21:04 / Tech

The investigation is on! NASA will continue to investigate the cause of the astronaut’s helmet incident. Know details.

Tech Usa

Kourtney Kardashian posted fun snapshots

Author: Richard Richard / April 22, 2022 20:17 / Entertainment

Kourtney Kardashian posted a variety of fun snaps with fiancé Travis Parker and their kids Wednesday night as she looked at her 43rd birthday.


Chief of Staff Kamala Harris heads to the exit this spring

Author: Richard Richard / April 22, 2022 19:44 / Politics

A White House official told CNN Thursday that Tina Flournoy, Vice President Kamala Harris’ chief of staff, will leave her position this spring


Florida Woman Threatend To Bomb Hungry Son's School

Author: Richard Richard / April 22, 2022 19:20 / World

A woman has been arrested months after threatening to blow up her son's high school unless cafeteria workers started giving him more food, officials said.


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