Digital health is not accessible by everyone equally

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 21, 2022 23:01 / World

A new WHO/Europe study has found that digital health technologies are not accessible to all communities and areas in Europe equally

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Worst flu outbreak in more than a decade spikes hospitalizations

Author: Andrew Andrew / December 05, 2022 23:09 / Modified 06.12.2022 в 10:15 / World

Joint WHO statement - Influenza season epidemic kicks off early in Europe and US as concerns over RSV rise and COVID-19 is still a threat

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Global COVID-19 deaths on decline - WHO

Author: Nicolas Nicolas / April 06, 2022 15:03 / World

After the increase observed during the first half of March 2022, the number of new COVID-19 cases has decreased for a second consecutive week, with a 16% decline during the week of 28 March through 3 April 2022 as compared to the previous week.

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